Design experiences for a rapidly changing world by fusing new insight and aesthetics with technology.

My work lives on the intersection of Industrial Design and futurism, continuously trying to create solutions that are a step ahead, while being grounded in the empathetic and rigorous research of present issues.

Cross-industry collaborations are at the heart of my work, allowing me tackle projects with potential for a significant cultural or technological shift. These projects involve restoring livelihoods of rural craftswomen after a natural disaster, building human-centered case studies for products years from now, and implementing products that are first of its kind.

Being both a lover and skeptic of new technologies drives my immersive research to mindfully fuse digital and analog when needed, capturing the human essence in everything that I do.

I’ve worked in SE Asia, Germany and Canada, with many projects that catalyze positive change.

Growing up in the small mountain town of Nelson, BC, early on Amanda tried her hand in making anything within her reach, from ceramic slab vases to competing in maglev prototype races.

This continued drive to create led her to practice at three design institutions, work on three continents, partner with Plus Visual studio, and pursue self-directed work as Amenda.

Amanda’s career took her to working for an agency, an innovation lab, as well as consulting — collaborating with Amazon, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Labs, BC Government, HCMA Architecture + Design, Woke Studio, Ready, Cuso International, and more.

Throughout this journey, her essence was expressed by inspiring people through the vehicle of design. And it’s only when design is simple, beautiful and contains the element of craft does it have a profound impact on the community. This is the kind of work Amanda keeps coming back to.

This is her life, by design.